May 27, 2019




Looking back on last week’s events we state the next achievement and success of our team on EBACE-2019 in Geneva!

While meeting many new and existing partners, exchanging inspirational and innovative ideas we had the opportunity to celebrate great success with Honeywell and our MRO/Part-145 partner, Jet Flight Service Riga.

ALAMO Engineering was the first to develop and install Honeywell’s GoDirect Router (GDR) on an Embraer Legacy 650.
Thus, it’s the first time on Embraer Legacy 600/650 that WIFI remote control of Honeywell’s Ovation Select cabin management system has been combined with multichannel SATCOM SwiftBroadband connectivity via GoDirect Router, a single point of aircraft remote cabin control and high-speed data connectivity. Great job! We are looking forward to new achievements like this!

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